What is Tec Rec all about ?

One of the greatest challenges we face as Scuba divers is “how can I extend my bottom time?”  You are probably already qualified as a Nitrox diver which obviously helps a great deal, but what if you just need more gas!!  There is no way we can get more time without more gas, especially on the deeper dives.  In the past this was one of the main reasons why people completed Tec courses – The desire to dive deeper was always the motivating factor.  Having recognised that this was a big motivator to take part in Tec courses, PADI have completely re written the courses and made it easier, and less kit intensive to learn how to dive just that bit deeper, but make the most of the available gas.

The Tec course has now been divided into three courses:

  • Tec 40
  • Tec 45
  • Tec 50

    Students on a Tec 40 Course

    Students on a Tec 40 Course

The course content is still as technical and covers such things as redundancy, air consumption rates,   better gas planning, the use of dive planning software to plan dives more safely, and the use of deco stops with oxygen to further aid planning and safety.

The main difference is that the skills and knowledge can now be learned in smaller stages and thus the gap between recreational diving and technical diving is now not so great or daunting.  For instance the Tec 40 can be done with a pony bottle and a new valve on your cylinder, while Tec 45 requires a wing, and harness arrangement

If you are interested give your local dive centre a call.  I am sure they will able to help you


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