“The Cove” – The Movie

This post has been written by guest blogger David Beer a very experienced diver and Divemaster at the club.

Cove_PosterAt our dive club we often have movie nights and this was the highlight of last year.  The impact on the audience of divers was quite startling and not what we expected.  Reactions varied from anger through to tears of pity for the dolphins being slaughtered.  We also had heads hung in shame at the embarrassment of having visited dolphinariums in recent years so, what is the fuss about?  Over to David…..

This film is thrilling, impassioned and suspenseful, “The Cove” in question is a restricted inlet in remote Taiji, Japan where migrating dolphins are captured or slaughtered. The best are sold to Western aquariums, less desirable specimens, about 23,000 a year, are slaughtered for their meat, a legal practice that activist Richard O’Barry is determined to stop. “The Cove” follows O’Barry’s undercover mission to slip past angry fishermen, local thugs and police; infiltrate the tightly guarded area, document the mass killings with spy cameras and shame the Japanese in the eyes of the World.

The sea turns red as the dolphins are slaughtered

Some thoughts after watching “The Cove”
A  real eye opener! Those are the only words I can use right now. I have just watched The Cove….. and it was just unbelievable.  The Cove is a documentary which is far from the dull, dry standard fare of documentaries.

From September to March migratory dolphins are corralled into a narrow bay, off the coast of Japan – they are clearly distressed. A few “select” dolphins are saved….. but they are “saved” only to be sold to aquariums and dolphinariums. This is so wrong! Dolphins were not born to pose for pictures with humans, neither are they meant to jump up and go through rings or perform tricks for the audience. They are kept in smallholdings and their lives are miserable. Dolphins were born in the ocean, and we must keep them there. They are meant to hunt, to breed and to travel the ocean, free.

Dolphins where they should beFor the ones that are not chosen the fate is worse, they are kept in the nets until night falls, when they are brutally slaughtered, so many are killed that the water turns red with their blood.  (See the picture above) What a waste of such a beautiful mammal.

The dolphin meat is mis-labelled as Tuna and it enters the human food chain. When we say mis-labelled there is a suspicion that the Japanese are aware of this and are happy to eat the dolphins.  This is awful on many levels….. the dolphin meat contains high levels of mercury, so it poisons the Japanese people. Through a media blackout and ignorance the Japanese are killing 23,000 dolphins per year and poisoning their own children.

How can we help?

Stop visiting dolphinariums and other centres which “showcase” their captured dolphins. Without the demand for performing dolphins, this insane slaughter of 23,000 dolphins per year would end. Watch the film; find out more information about what is going on in Japan. Tell other people. Information is a strong tool, if more people know, then governments can’t ignore these issues

Having dived with wild dolphins in the wild I can see no enjoyment in swimming with captured mammals that are held and trained for human “pleasure”. Please do your bit to stop the slaughter and watch The Cove, it’s a real eye opener.

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